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Studio Pro 3Kg Weighted Bar

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Adding a weighted bar to your exercise routine can help you to shape up and add muscle definition, plus add an extra level of intensity to your usual workout. Weighted bars are long and easier to grip than a dumbbell and can be used for similar exercises a standard barbell is used for but with the benefit of being one weight across the whole length of the bar (instead of on either end like a more traditional style). Can be used in a range of fitness classes such as; bootcamps, HIIT, tabata, circuits, aerobics and weight lifting. As well as adding weight to standard bodyweight exercises such as lunges and squats, or use for an upper body weight lifting session with exercises like bicep curls, chest presses and shoulder presses. 

Fitness-Mad Studio bars are made with a solid iron core which is welded in place so it will not rattle, the outer steel tube is powder coated to ensure no rust ingress. The bar is the covered with "elephant skin NBR" to offer the prefect mix of comfort, grip and importantly durability.The rubber bar ends both protect the floor and are designed to prevent the bar from rolling away.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions:123cm (L)x 37mm (DIA)
  • Material:Solid iron core, steel outer tube with powder coating and "elephant skin" NBR and rubber end caps
  • Weight:3kg