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The Online Gym Weighted Power SandBag

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The undisputed ultimate tool for body workouts, The Weighted Power Sandbag is recommended for use in Legs, Upper Body and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and is highly effective in building muscle-strength, fat loss and enhancing fitness levels.

This Sandbag, made with an outer layer of high-quality durable and tough leather, is equipped with a number of thick EVA-type under layers for shock resistance and cushioning whilst training and will survive the toughest workouts you can throw at it. At its core is a hollow tough-foam layer for the storage and containment of small bags that will contain the sand (or desired weighted item you use). The Sandbag and smaller inner bags are secure, tight and created with impact in mind, dramatically increasing its lifespan. 

The bag incorporates a combination of handles, allowing for both wide and narrow grip for the permutations of static strength and circuit style straining it can be used for. Please note the bags are delivered new, without sand and unused, but can be filled instantly and easily.

***Due to frequent requests, we now offer a 6-PACK DEAL, where you can purchase the full range of bags for a large discount. ***

Comes in a wide range of weight capacities: 5 kg 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 25 kg and 30KG.